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In Topic: Worthwhile PS4 physical games?

Today, 05:11 AM

The first Nintendo handheld to have region locking built in was the DSi (2008-09) and the first where it actually meant anything was the 3DS.


I hope the next systems give more granular parental controls which include a region switch, similar to how OSes let you lock down to the official store or allow other sources. I mean, it won't stop Persona 4 Arena situations - if anything, they'll be more common - but then they can support multiple ratings systems simultaneously.

In Topic: Splatoon

Yesterday, 09:17 PM

Man, not even Nintendo employees want to acknowledge Super Mario Sunshine.

In Topic: Puzzling Dragons: Mario Saga

Yesterday, 06:31 PM

I went shiny digital future for this one. Bought it today, it unlocks in three and a half hours.


I beat Puzzle Quest 2 for chrissake, and crossing that with Pokemon is a recipe for success in my books. I'm honestly not sure if I'm even going to touch the Mario one for a while.

In Topic: So...what'cha been playin'?

Yesterday, 04:43 AM

That was no exaggeration.

In Topic: So...what'cha been playin'?

20 May 2015 - 05:26 AM



I think you guys are gonna make Ondore have a conniption.


I'm hoping the Shiny Digital Future ™ hits it before it goes into the Atlus sale merry-go-round.