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Episode 154 (10/05/09) – Bursting with hyperbole

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (53.0MB) This week! We discuss the PSPgo (CJ bought one), game review hyperbole, free hotel porn, vibrating beds, Super Street Fighter IV, and things we thought were innovations but were really non-innovations in driving games. Oh and we also talk about games, including UmJammer Lammy, Pixeljunk Monsters Deluxe, […]

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It’s PSP Go time!

Despite the ribbing I got in the last episode about buying/not buying a PSPgo, I walked out of the local Best Buy (yes, the horribly crappy one that never gets anything on release day) with the system. I cashed in enough Reward Zone certificates to bring the price—along with the Black Tie Protection Plan just […]

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Episode 153 (9/28/09) – Pinball Wizards

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (49.9MB) On this week’s podcast we discuss many things, like the highs and lows of multiplayer Halo, the PSP Go, Halo 3 ODST, Mario & Luigi Bower’s Inside Story, Pinball Hall of Fame The Williams Collection, Cake Mania, Forza 3, Brutal Legend, Katamari Forever, Beatles Rock Band, Tales […]

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PS3 Adhoc Party – When, SCEA, when?

So I just played a game of Phantasy Star Portable (the demo) on the PSP via Sony’s PS3 Adhoc Party tool. And…it was pretty damn great. We pillaged, we plundered, we slayed the dragon (De Ragan). And… now I’m wondering when the hell Sony Computer Entertainment AMERICA is going to throw this thing on the […]

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How’s your PSP section lookin’?

One of the things we’ve talked about on the podcast a lot is the dwindling state of the PSP software section in many stores. I took a picture a couple weeks ago of a PSP section at a local Best Buy that I thought was pretty appalling. This is IT for the section. The lower […]

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