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Episode 169 (01/18/10) – A Cross Between Other Podcasts and Zelda

This week! We talk about games! (Isn’t that every week? Yes it is. Stop asking questions.) Titles discussed include Batman Arkham Asylum, Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time, The Saboteur, Dragon Age (with a special guest!), Bayonetta, Words With Friends, Tumbledrop and much, much more. Plus, your tweets and voicemails. Well, just one […]

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Episode 161 (11/23/09) – Showgirls

This week! First up, voicemails from listeners where we talk about Ratchet & Clank spoilers, the airport scene from Modern Warfare 2, the difficulty in adventure games, and more. Then, we go into the games we’ve played this week, including Modern Warfare 2, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, God of War Collection, Phantasy Star Zero, […]

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Episode 160 (11/16/09) – The bleeps, the sweeps, and the creeps

This week! Everyone’s back and talkin’ games. Topics include Activision’s next music game, New Super Mario Bros.’ lack of online play, flawed games we love, the PSPgo’s effect on the platform and Project Natal. Then we move into games and talk about Modern Warfare 2, LEGO Rock Band, Excitebike World Rally, Rabbids Go Home, Pinball […]

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Episode 159 (11/09/09) – CJ is Missing!

It looks like Sewart didn’t make a post when he posted the episode, so here we go. And for the record, this episode title is boring. I suggested “Further Activision Gameplay Spoilers,” but apparently that was just too darn clever. This week! CJ is missing! We’ve got a new theme song! Also, some more talk […]

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Episode 158 (11/02/09) – Castro the Friendly Ghost

This week! A packed show! We’ve got Modern Warfare 2 leaked footage (if you’re trying to remain a MW2 virgin it’s between 12:45-29:35), Nintendo’s DSi LL/XL announcement, a Game Club segment on Luigi’s Mansion for GameCube, then we launch into the games of the week before playing through the finalists in our theme song contest. […]

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Episode 156 (10/19/09) – Watching Your Six

It’s been three years since we started this podcast and what better way to ring it in than to do exactly what we’ve been doing for most of those three years. Talk tweets, talk games, talk some behind the scenes. It’s over two hours of what has made us the second best video game podcast […]

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