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Episode 224 (02/07/11) – Chuckle Canucks

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (0.0KB) In this week’s exciting episode of the Player One Podcast! Tales of post high school exploits, adventure on the high seas, getting stuck in dumb places in video games, a little more NGP conversation, Culture Brain, and discussion of Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 and Dead Space 2. […]

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Yes, I know it’s spelled wrong, but…

How awesome is this? I had seen this sign up on my commute every day for months in San Francisco but only got a picture of it the day I drove out of the city. Well worth it, I think.

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Episode 116 (01/12/09) – End of one era, start of another

No game talk this week. Instead, we dedicate the whole episode to talking about EGM’s closure and the 1UP layoffs in the wake of Hearst/UGO’s purchase of 1UP.com. In addition to regular hosts Chris “CJ” Johnston (ex-EGM News Editor) and Phil Theobald (ex-EGM editor and former GameNow Reviews Editor), we welcome a couple more ex-Ziff guests to the program: Kevin Gifford (ex-1UP editor and gaming magazine expert/Magweasel), Greg Sewart (ex-EGM Previews and Reviews Editor), Greg Ford (EGM Managing Editor), and Andrew “Skip” Pfister (ex-EGMer, GMRer and 1UP.com Reviews Editor/Podcast Producer).

Thanks for listening! You can leave us a voicemail comment by calling 713-893-8069 or you can send a comment via MP3 to our email address, playeronepodcast@gmail.com. Don’t forget to join our forums if you haven’t already!

Running time: 1:54:27

This week’s links:
Andrew “Skip” Pfister on Twitter
Andrew “Skip” Pfister’s page on 1UP.com
Greg Ford’s page on 1UP.com
Eat-Sleep-Game.com (RebelFM folks)
Talking Orange (ex-1UP Show folks)
GSW: Opinion: Print Game Media – [Still] Not Dead, [Maybe] Getting Better
GSW: Game Mag Weaseling
Greg Sewart’s Wordpress blog
Chris “CJ” Johnston’s Twitter
Phil Theobald’s page on 1UP.com
Joystiq: Future Publishing experiences increase in gaming mag sales
PaidContent.org – Ziff Davis Gets Out Of The Game
NeoGAF: Listing of 1UP/EGM folks’ blogs and Twitters

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